YIM Rules
University Rules

An academic session in the college is divided into two semesters. Study in each semester is divided into several subjects, which in turn is divided into lectures, tutorials, practical’s, design and drawing classes, etc. The tutorial sessions are held in small groups of 15 to 20 students each so that the teacher is able to give individual attention to each student.


Each subject is allocated sessional marks, which are awarded on the basis of performance and work done by students in the classes during the semester on the basis of the following weight ages.

For Theory Subjects For Practical Work
(i)Class Tests40%Viva-Voce/Test20%
(ii)Class Attendance (Lecture + Tutorial)40%Laboratory Record20%
(iii)Class Work20%Class Attendance40%
   Class Work20%

The minimum attendance requirement for every student is 75% of the total lecture/tutorial /practical periods in each subject. The principal of the college can condone 10% of absence on compassionate grounds.

Permission to appear in Semester Examination

The candidate can be admitted to a semester examination only if he/she has attended regularly the prescribed course of study for the relevant semester for not less than 75 percent of the total lecture delivered. This requirement shall be fulfilled separately for each course of study.

Higher Semester Studies

If a candidate has after attending the course of studies in the College, appeared in any Semester Examination and fails in one or more courses for that examination, he can appear for such course(s) at subsequent examination(s) without attending a fresh course of studies for that semester in the College. Such a candidate may in the meantime continue with his studies for the higher semester(s) and can appear in the examination(s) for the same along with the examination for the lower semester(s) as and when that subject is offered.

Pass Percentage

The marks required for passing any semester examination shall be:

  1. 40% in each written paper except in the subject of Humanities and Social Sciences, it shall be 35%.
  2. 40% in the aggregate of sessional marks and examination marks for each theory subject except in the subject of Humanities and Social Science bearing the Courses Nos. beginning with Hue where it shall be 35%
  3. 40% in the aggregate of sessionals and examinations for each practical subject.

In all for passing the examination, one should obtain 50% marks or more in all subjects.
All other rules will be applicable as per the calendar of the Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.
Provided that a candidate who fails to obtain the requisite marks in aggregate of sessional and examination marks as provided in (ii) and (iv) above, he shall be required to appear in the examination in the concerned subject in the subsequent examination(s) if eligible otherwise and such candidates will not be required to repeat the sessional work.

Ragging and Eve-Teasing

Ragging, eve-teasing, and/or aiding and abetting the same in any form, mental or physical, inside or outside the institute is an offense prohibited by law. Mental and/or physical harassment of any student(s) by whatsoever name called which may have the effect of de-humanization and affect the self-esteem of a student(s) is an offense. Any student(s) found including in any such activity shall forthwith be expelled from the institute, without exception.

Refund of Tuition/Development Fees Deposit

In case of withdrawal AFTER the last date of submission:
As per the existing procedure of admission to the engineering college, no admission can be made by the Institute to fill a vacancy that may arise after the last date of admission notified by the competent authority. Therefore, in case of a withdrawal after the last date of admission notified by the competent authority, the seat so vacated will continue to remain unfilled for the balance years of the degree.
In view thereof, in case of any mid-course withdrawal, neither tuition fee nor development fee is refundable. Furthermore, no mid-course admissions can be made by the institute to fill a vacancy caused by a mid-course withdrawal.

Discipline Rules
  1. The students at all times must conduct themselves in a disciplined manner inside the college and hostel.
    a. They should not do anything which hinders the study of their fellow students.
  2. Strict disciplinary action shall be taken against any student who violates the discipline of the college and hostel.
  3. No student would normally remain out of the Hostel between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. except with the specific permission of the warden.
  4. No student shall keep any unauthorized person in his/her room. If a student is found to have any person in his/her room, a strict disciplinary proceeding shall be initiated against the resident.
  5. Every student shall have to fulfill the prescribed percentage of attendance, failing which he/she will not be allowed to sit in the university examination.
  6. No student shall indulge in the mass bunk of the classes. The violators would be heavily fined.
  7. Students are advised not to break or spoil the furniture or laboratory equipment. The students found guilty shall be fined.
  8. No student is allowed to bring floppies to the computer center. Any student violating the same shall be fined and the floppies will be confiscated.
  9. The parents of the girl student would provide the names and relationships of the visitors at the time of admission. No person other than these names shall be allowed to see the girl student in the hostel during the meeting hrs. All the girl students shall be required to be indoors after 7:30 p.m. Their attendance would be marked by their warden.
  10. Any point not covered under these rules shall be decided by the Principal/Director then and there.
  11. The management reserves the right to amend/add any rule.
  12. Every student must wear the Identity Card as long as he/ she is on the College campus.
  13. The conduct of the students in the classes and in the premises of the College shall be such as will cause no disturbance to teachers, fellow students, or other classes.
  14. No student is allowed to display any Notice/Circular/Poster/Banner in the College premises without the prior permission of the Director.
  15.  Outsiders are not permitted in the College premises without the prior permission of the Director. College students are not allowed to bring their relatives/friends to the College premises without the prior permission of the Director.
  16.  Students must take proper care of the College property.
  17.  Use of Mobile Telephones is strictly prohibited in the academic area of the College.
  18.  Ragging, misbehavior, misconduct, indiscipline are not tolerable in the college premises.
  19.  College students are not allowed to bring their relatives/friends to the College premises without the prior permission of the Director.

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