Placement Policy

1. Every student, who wants to avail of the Training & Placement services, has to register with Training & Placement Office, failing to which they cannot have any claim on T & P Services. Every student who registers with T & P Office is bound by the terms and conditions in this Placement Policy.

2. Eligibility criterion is specified by every company participating in Campus Recruitment. Every student, who fulfills this criterion, may attempt the Recruitment Process of any company until he/she gets the offer.

3. No further attempts will be permitted to the students who have secured offers from any company, irrespective of job profile, salary offered, etc. Thus, students can have only one job offer. All the students who secure an offer will have to compulsorily join the Company.

4. Once registered, students will not be allowed to withdraw their candidature, from a particular campus recruitment drive unless there are some exclusive points mentioned in the pre-placement talk of which the students were not appraised of earlier. In such a case, exceptions can be made only after the consent of the TPO.

5. Any student who withdraws candidature, rejects offer at any stage, absents from any rounds during recruitment process without sufficient reason, will not have any further claim for T & P Services.

6. Any student, who approaches the company officials for revaluation of aptitude test, etc., or attempts any type of canvassing during the campus recruitment, will be disqualified from T & P activities permanently.

7. Claim of attendance for attending the Campus Recruitment Process is not admissible. Students are solely responsible and advised to meet the attendance requirements as per the regulations specified by the College. Some of the recruiters, in addition to the academic performance of students, ask for their performance in the Mock Tests, Training Sessions, etc. conducted by T & P Office and feedback about their general behavior from concerned Faculty Members and Departmental Heads. Therefore, the students are advised to adhere to the Academic and other Disciplinary rules of the Institution.

8. Students are required to note that the Training & Placement Services is a facility offered by the Institution and cannot be construed as a guarantee of a job offer. The decision regarding making job offers is left to the discretion of the companies participating in the Campus Recruitment. At the end of the academic year, if any students are not placed, T & P Office will extend support to such students, only for off-campus recruitment drives.

9. The terms in this policy will be reviewed from time to time and maybe modified by T & P Office as per the situation demands.

For any clarifications / suggestions please contact: [email protected]
Jitender Chopra
Training & Placement Officer
Contact No:- 8607220077 (M)
E-mail:- [email protected]