The Director,

                 Technical Education Haryana,



                 The Director-Principal,

                 All UG/PG/Diploma Technical Institutions,

                 (As per list attached)

                 Memo No.                          /SFC,

                 Dated Panchkula the

Subject:-         Introduction of Student Charter.

                 Please refer to the subject noted above.

                 I have been directed to convey the decision of State Fee Committee vide which the Student Charter, as per details enclosed, has to be followed in all the Technical Institutions in the State. The provisions of the Charter can, to some extent, be suitably modified depending on the locale, tenets and specific demands of the institution. But the scope must be clearly demarcated and there should be complete transparency in the relationship between students, faculty, and management of the institution. The Charter must become an integral part of the academic administration

and therefore incorporated in the Rules and Bylaws of the Senate or any other Governing Body of the University, Institute, or College.

                 The same may also be hosted on the Institutional website and compliance be intimated to the Department.

                                                            Deputy Director (SFC),

DA/As above                                                                   ;                                                     &; for Director Technical Education,

                                                            Haryana, Panchkula

Students’ Charter for Technical Institutions in the State of Haryana

 The document aims to set out, as clearly as possible, what standards of service can be expected by students and what university/institute/college (referred to hereinafter as YPE ) can expect of students in return.

 It addresses the following issues:

 •  Admissions and registration        

  •  Health, safety & security

 •  Teaching, learning, and academic guidance  

 •  Personal development                                                 

 •  Discipline

 •  Tutorial support                                   

  •  Complaints, appeals, and grievance procedures

 •  Students’ academic representation & evaluation                                     

 •  Student Services

 •  Academic services

 Broad details of the above-mentioned issues are as under:-

A.        Admission & Registration

 YPE will follow and administer a fair and efficient admission procedure.

YPE   should   clearly   inform   prospective   students   about   admission   procedures   in   detail along with

 1.  Programs of study,

 2.  Entry requirements,

 3.  All   types   of   services   and   facilities  along   with   fees  and   charges    in  clear   and

     unambiguous terms and as up-to-date as possible.

 4.  Affirm that all applications would be handled fairly, promptly and efficiently and in

     accordance with guidelines of the regulatory bodies such as state government, UGC,

     AICTE, MCI, affiliating university.

 5.  Instructions on registration and other essential information on services and facilities.

 6.  Student induction or orientation program which introduces them to   YPE   and their program of study.

Students   on   their   part   are   expected   to   read   carefully   any   information   provided  and follow the relevant instructions.

 B.       Teaching, Learning and Academic Guidance –

 YPE   will commit to   provide   in   all   its   faculties,   an   effective   learning   and teaching  environment, guidance, and supervision, through a variety of study methods, supported by    a   wide   range     of  learning    resources.    

Students,  on  their part,  should take  responsibility    for  their   own   learning   and    pursue    their   academic   program  with  a positive commitment .

1.       Every department should provide for students, prior to registration, clear information about their program of study, content and availability of courses or modules, methods and timing of assessment.

2.       Any changes in the structure or content of programs of study and related courses or modules, should be communicated to the students in advance at the earliest possible opportunity.

3.       YPE   should   ensure   that   teaching   takes   place   in   suitable  and  adequately  equipped rooms or laboratories according to the announced academic calendar and lectures and laboratory sessions are held at scheduled times.

4.       Teaching      departments     will  provide   help    and  advice    about   the  learning   resources available,   such   as   libraries,   with   access to  online   library   catalogues   and   networked      information sources.

5.       YPE   will   provide   computer   clusters,   together   with  a  range  of  software  suitable  to support and enhance student’s learning experience.

Students on their part should:

1.       Read     and   note   the  information     and   guidance    provided     for  them   throughout     the      duration of the program of study and act on it accordingly.

2.       Comply      with   any   YPE    regulations    relating   to  their  program     of  study   including      attendance, examinations and use of learning facilities. Examination means a process

3.       of assessment, whether by written examination paper, viva voce, written or practical      assignments, continuous assessment of course works, or other means, which enables      the examiner to return a mark or grade.

4.       Meet regularly with their tutors or supervisors.

5.       Notify their tutors or supervisors, or appropriate departmental representative, at the      earliest   opportunity,   if   there   are   extenuating   circumstances   that   prevent   them   from      satisfying any of the above requirements.

C.         Tutorial Support

 YPE   recognizes   the   importance   of   monitoring  student   progress   and   therefore,   will provide a high standard of advice, support and academic guidance .

1.       All students will be assigned a named personal tutor by their academic departments at      the beginning of their program of study.

2.       Academic   departments   will   make   arrangements   for   students   to   meet   their   personal      tutors at the beginning of their program of study (within the first two weeks) and at      least once during every semester thereafter. Students will also be able to contact their      personal tutor at other times, if and when the need for consultation arises.

3.       The   role   of   the   personal   tutor   will   be   to   provide   personal   support   and   academic      guidance   and   act   as   liaison   or   intermediary   in   the   student   –faculty   and   academic      administration.

4.       Where     a  student    asks  that  information     given   to  the  personal    tutor  be   treated  as      confidential, this should be respected in all but exceptional circumstances.

5.       Departments will regularly evaluate the effectiveness of their tutorial system through

6.       personal discussions or student evaluation questionnaires.

Students will be obliged to do the following:

 1.  Attend all meetings arranged with their personal tutor as far as possible.

 2.  Inform their personal tutor promptly of any difficulties that they are experiencing that      might have           

       a bearing on their studies.

 3.  Act responsibly on the advice offered to them by their personal tutors.

D.        Student Academic Representation and Evaluation

YPE will seek and respond to student views on their educational experience.

1.       All   departments     will   have   faculty-student    committee      on  which    students    will  be      represented and which will meet regularly or as frequently as necessary to discharge      their business effectively.

2.       The    mechanism      of  student   representation     on  the   committee     may    be  evolved    by      mutual discussion and understanding. Once decided, it will be laid down clearly and      publicized by the departments to all eligible students.

3.       All   taught   programs     will  be   evaluated    by   students   each   semester    or   each   year      according   to   the   procedure   evolved   by   the   faculty-student   committee.   The   relevant      evaluations   will   be   made   by   the   Head   of   the   Department   for   intended   correctional      action in the spirit of improving standards of pedagogic skills.

Students will:

 1.  Support the effort of faculty-student committee through active participation.

 2.  Respond honestly and constructively to evaluation questionnaires and other requests      from   Departments   for   their   views   on   the  program   of   study   and   other   aspects   of      educational experience.

E.     Academic Services

YPE will strive to provide a high standard of academic services to all students.

1.       All students will have access to comprehensive library services, computing facilities      and    appropriate    support.   The  working      hours   of  these  services    and  facilities  will      enable students to meet the requirements of their program of study or research.

2.       All students in need of English language support and communication skills will have      access to such services which will be provided by YPE.

3.       The   status   and   demand   for   academic   services   will   be   monitored   and   service   users      feed -back obtained for improvement possibilities.

Students will:

 1.  Use academic services responsibly by following all the regulation intended for their

     use, with due consideration to the needs and rights of other users

 2.  Provide feedback for their betterment, when requested to do so.

F.        Student Services

YPE will provide quality services for students.

1.       YPE will have a “one-stop information enquiry service” which may be designated as      Student     Services   Information     Desk    (SSID)    which    will  provide    student   ID   cards,      leaflets, prospectuses and other useful publications.

2.       Accommodation/Hostel   Services     will   provide    information     to  students    on   the      availability,     cost   and standards     of  YPE     owned      and   managed,       and   private      accommodation.

3.       YPE Health Service will provide general medical services, which will be available to      all registered students. Details of these services along with any other public or private

4.       medical   facilities   in   the   neighborhood   townships   or   cities   will   be  contained   in   the      information bulletin or prospectus provided to every student.

5.       The    Counseling     Service    will   provide   a  professional     and   confidential    counseling      service to all students and will help staff / faculty involved in the welfare of students      including personal tutors and hostel wardens.

6.       The     Careers    Service    will   provide     a  full   range    of  vocational     guidance,     job      opportunities and other information needed to facilitate entry into the world of work      or further study.

7.       YPE will promote an awareness and understanding of and will respond effectively and      appropriately     to  additional    support    needs  of    physically    handicapped      or  disabled      students.

8.       Services Departments will monitor the services they provide to users and will obtain      feedback on their effectiveness by means of an annual survey.

Students will:

1.       Read   and   note   the   information   provided   to   them   by   YPE   on   Student   Services   and      make use of them when needed or advised to do so by their personal tutors.  2.  Keep any appointments with YPE support service staff wherever possible.

2.       Provide needed and timely information to support services when requested to do so.

G.        Health, Safety and Security

3.       All students will comply with the YPE’s Health and Safety Code of Practice, which      provides   general   guidelines   and   framework   for   safe   working   environment   in   YPE      premises/campus..

4.       YPE will assign a high priority to student  safety and security. Necessary additional      measures will be undertaken in this regard if the existing campus design, lighting and      landscape   are   inadequate   in   this   respect.   The   range   of   safety   and   security   services      available to students will be widely publicized

H.        Personal Development

  Students      will  be   able    to  participate    in  a   range     of  sporting,    cultural,    personal

development and other extra-curricular activities:

YPE will provide students with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sporting, cultural, personal development and other extra-curricular activities. For this purpose, it will provide and maintain good facilities and resources.

I.        Complaints, Appeals and Grievance Procedures

1.   YPE recognizes that there will be occasions when students feel that their legitimate      expectations are not being recognized or met and that there is need to address these      circumstances. For this purpose, each YPE will have clearly stated appeal, complaints and grievance redress procedure. This procedure may consist of two stages: first is an informal   stage   that   encourages   the   students  to   seek   redress   of   their   complaints   as      close to the origin of the complaint as possible; the second, a formal stage, provide a      mechanism   for      enquiry,    investigation    and  resolution     of  complaint. Students    can      expect    YPE    to  deal   with   a  complaint     fairly,  confidentially,    without    any   fear  of      recrimination and in a timely manner.

2.   YPE expects its students to behave in a seemly and orderly manner both on and off      campus. Its disciplinary procedures will be fair, clear, well publicized and will follow      the principles of natural justice.

Students will:

1.   Take note of this procedure and honor it.

2.   Refrain from making complaints of trivial or frivolous nature.

J.        Discipline

Students will:

1.   Obey the law of the land.

2.   Observe the provisions of YPE regulations

3.   Be sensitive to needs of others and uphold the good reputation of their YPE.