Oral Medicine Diagnosis & Radiology

Oral Medicine Diagnosis & Radiology

The department of Oral Medicine & Radiology department is a portal to all dental patients coming to YIDSR. It is situated in the OPD Block, which has a fully functional clinical block and radiology section. The department has new patient inflow of 150 per day on average and 100 patients per day to oral radiology. Being a vital department Oral Medicine & Radiology plays three important functions and responsibilities of managing the initial diagnosis, treatment planning and the imaging modality needs. It deals with the diagnosis and medical management of orofacial diseases with their oral manifestations, potentially malignant disorders, ulcerative, vesiculobullousoral lesions, autoimmune mucocutaneous disorders, salivary gland pathologies, oral infections like tuberculosis and candidiasis, Temporomandibular joint disorders, facial neuralgias, and myofascial pains and management of medically compromised patients. 

Clinical block has undergraduate section, where in the students examine the patients. The clinical section is spacious and equipped with all ultra modern automatic dental chairs & advanced diagnostic instruments. All the operatory chairs have intraoral cameras which provide better treatment plan. With the expertise of the faculty members students are trained in professional case history recording, formulation of prompt diagnosis and planning management of dental and oral diseases. Various hands-on and demos are given regarding chair side investigations like aspiration, making histological smears, recognizing cases of potentially malignancy and performing various biopsies etc.

The seminar room is equipped with all the modern equipment's like projector, screen. Deliberating sessions involving both the aspects i.e. from basics to clinical are held for the students in the seminar room  

The department of Radiology goes hand in hand with Oral Medicine providing facilities for all dental radiographic investigations to patients. 

  • Intra-oral imaging – IOPAR, Bitewing radiography, Occlusal radiography. 
  • Extra-oral Radiography – OPG & other skull views (PA, Water’s view, Submentovertex view, Caldwell View, Jug handle view, Cephalometry). 
  • Digital intra-oral & extra-oral facilities available. 
  • Specialized radiographs for TMJ. 
  • Sialography 

Technically well qualified Radiographers and Dark Room Assistant ensure that high quality radiographs are made with the least exposure possible. Rapid deliveries of radiographs are ensured by digital print out of the radiographs and fully automatic daylight processor. The department is also associated with Ch. Lekh Raj Multispecialty Hospital for Ultrasonography & CT Scan.