Teaching and Learning Facility

Lecture Halls adequate in number, spacious and air-conditioned, well equipped with modern teaching aids.

Anatomy and Physiology Lab

Students are acquainted with various models of the human body. This lab is prepared to reinforce the theoretical knowledge about Human anatomy & Physiology with the help of articulated skeletal, various bones, models & charts.

Community Health Nursing Lab

This lab is used in order to infuse confidence in students and make them learn effective communication skills. This lab ensures the students learn the home visiting bag techniques. It enables them to practice community health nursing while providing family health care at the door step of the clients using modified home visiting kits. The lab is equipped with updated audio-visual equipment to practice health teaching in the community. Maternal and Child Health Nursing lab is designed to help the learner to reinforce the learning about normal physiology of pregnancy, midwifery, obstetrics & child health nursing. The lab is equipped with various manikins, models, palpation modules, birthing simulators & charts to develop hands-on skills under the continuous guidance & supervision of expert clinical instructors.

Nutrition Lab

This lab is designed to assist the nursing students to acquire a wide range of knowledge of dietetics in Indian settings & to understand the concepts of “Nutrition, Health & Disease” while planning the diet for individuals and groups in the hospital and in the community.

Fundamentals of Nursing Lab

This lab is organized to learn basic and critical nursing care with the help of manikins, simulators, models & modules (a variety of adult & pediatric). The lab helps to develop the life form absolutely realistic revolutionary nursing skills through “hands-on training” under continuous supervision & guidance by expert teaching faculties.

Computer Lab

Our college has its own computer lab which is meant exclusively for nursing students. This lab is divided into two sections. One section is for ANM & GNM students, while the other one is used for B.Sc. students. The lab has 60 computers in it. Students are continuously encouraged to use the computer lab intensively. Practical knowledge of computers is a must in the current times. This lab is used by the students to practice the application of computers in the field of nursing.

AV Aid Lab

Watching the slides, videos, and animations of difficult concepts and systems makes the learning curve less steep. The lab is equipped with various electronic devices for effective teaching & learning such as LED projectors, Over Head projectors, TV, Multimedia Player, etc. The purpose of AV Aids is to make the learning interesting and delightful. 

Library (Learning Resource Center)

Nursing College Library and Learning resource center is an invaluable resource for students, researchers, and faculties of Nursing education. It has the most complete collection of text & reference books, audio-video material, films, charts, professional journals, and Magazines. It is a most lively place in the college providing a comfortable and readers-friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge and promotes scholarship. The fully air-conditioned and wi-fi-enabled library and learning resource center provides access to the best of nursing-related resources through its acquisition of various books, journals, online databases consisting of scholarly and nursing education and service-related content. The learning resource center is a coordinating point between the faculty and students which is supported by highly skilled and trained library and information professionals.

Lecture Theater

Nursing College has spacious well furnished, air-conditioned, and soundproof classrooms with a facility of wall-mounted LCD projectors, which helps in making the live and inspiring learning environment for the students.


The hostel is supervised and managed by well-qualified and experienced Wardens. A safe and comfortable stay with adequate facilities of kitchen and dining, communication room with internet facility, telephone and photostat along with first-aid room and a room for visitors. Here the students can keep themselves abreast with the events happening around the world. Hostels also have a separate Study room and a lobby. The hostel also has lobby servants to cater to the small needs of the students along with round-the-clock security. Students get accommodation in rooms on a sharing basis. Newspapers and magazines are provided to the students.


The Nursing College has many buses for the students’ transportation.

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