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The Yamuna Group of Institutions has an exclusive Placement and Training Centre to facilitate on-campus Placement opportunities for the students. The Center has an in-charge of the activities. The Centre provides pre-placement training in soft skills to all final year students to enable them to acquaint to the current corporate requirements. The Placement Centre facilitates compulsory training in soft skills (like Personality Development, CV Writing, Communication Skills, Aptitude tests, Interview Technique etc.) to all students during their pre-final year. We have a fully furnished Training and Placement centre. We have air-conditioned seminar halls, group discussion rooms and personal interview rooms exclusively to facilitate the campus recruitment process in our campus. More than 50 top and well-established companies across the country/abroad from all sectors visit the campus for recruitment.
The following are some of the activities which ensure progression to employment:

For Diploma Students
Sr.No. Date Name of Company Course Branch
1 16.01.13 Apollo Types Diploma ME
2 25.01.13 Royal Citi Diploma Civil
3 04.02.13 Computer Science Corporation Diploma CS/IT/ECE/EE
4 02.04.13 Riya Infotel Diploma CSE/ECE/EE
5 05.04.13 Daffodil Diploma CSE
6 07.05.13 L&T (ECE Divison) Diploma Civil
7 08.05.13 Genius Power Infrastructures (Uk) Diploma EE/ECE
8 17.05.13 Competent Synergies Diploma All Branches
9 18.05.13 Sprouts Object Technology Diploma CSE/ECE
10 24.05.13 Honda cars india Ltd. Diploma Mechanical
11 19.06.13 JSW Steel Ltd. Diploma Mech.
12 09.07.13 HCL Diploma CSE, ECE
13 30.07.13 Secure Meters Ltd. Diploma ECE, EE
14 13.09.13 Executive Shipping Diploma ME, EE
15 24.10.13 Riya Infotel Diploma CSE, ECE, EE
16 12.11.13 Videocon Connect Diploma CSE, ECE
17 12.11.13 Asian Lak Health Foods Ltd. (Bisleri) Diploma ME
18 12.11.13 ELPS Computers Diploma CSE, ECE
19 12.11.13 Bharti Bios Diploma ME
20 12.11.13 Infoage Diploma CSE, ECE
21 07.02.14 Punjab Lightining Ind. Diploma ME
22 07.02.14 S2Infotech Diploma ECE
23 20.06.14 HCL Diploma EE
24   Wipro Technology Diploma ME
25   TVS Diploma ME
26   Deep Engg. Works Diploma ME
27 23.06.14 Bajaj Motors Ltd. Diploma ME


For B.Tech Students
HCL-Channel Partner)
B.Tech. CSE, IT, ECE, ME
2 07.02.2014 SRV Infratech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.(Dream Destination) B.Tech. ECE
3 07.02.2014 Tab Technologies B.Tech. CSE , IT, ECE
4 07.02.2014 S2Infotech B.Tech. CSE, ECE
5 07.02.2014 The Phone Support B.Tech. CSE, ECE, CIVIL, ME
6 07.02.2014 Podar Tyres, Ludhiana B.Tech. ME
7 07.02.2014 Punjab Lightning B.Tech. ME
8 07.02.2014 IGT B.Tech. CSE, ECE, CIVIL, ME
9 07.02.2014 Cybertron Technologies B.Tech. CSE, ECE, IT
10 07.02.2014 Singora Textiles B.Tech. ECE
11 11.06.2014 HCL B.Tech. CSE, ECE
12   Indian Airforce B.Tech.  
13 11.06.2014 Spadez Solutions pvt. Ltd B.Tech. cse, ece
For Management Students (MBA & BBA)
Sr.No. Date Name of Company Course Branch
1 03.03.2013 UK Infrastructure MBA Marketing
2 22.04.2013 ARC Projects MBA Finance/Marketing/HR
3 27.09.2013 Blue city Township & Colonizers Pvt. Ltd.  MBA Marketing
4 30.09.2013 Konasth E Services Lt MBA Finance/Marketing/HR
5 04.10.2013 Infowiz MBA Marketing/HR
6 07.10.2013 Infomaths MBA HR
7 07.02.2014 Sara Sports MBA Finance/Marketing/HR
8 07.02.2014 Tab Technology MBA Marketing
9 07.02.2014 samsung MBA Marketing
10 07.02.2014 Singhora MBA Finance
11 07.02.2014 Apex Services MBA HR
12 07.02.2014 Genpact MBA Finance/Marketing/HR
13 17.02.2014 Shri Ram General Insurance. MBA Finance/Marketing/HR


Moreover, Guest lectures and special invitee lecture series organized for all the branches of students from industry experts through the Placement Centre.

Jitender Chopra
Training & Placement Officer