7 steps to choose the right Institution for your Professional Education

Check whether your Institution is approved or not?

Earning a degree is important but earning a degree that is recognized and approved by the Government or its concerned agencies is even more important. While choosing an institution, it is important to know whether it is approved by Government agencies. Multiple agencies recognize or grant approvals to run a program in a particular field.

a)  In case of University: – Any University should be approved from UGC (University Grants Commission), Government of India which means that the University is recognized to award its own degrees in various disciplines. Here is the list of UGC approved Universities. ugc.ac.in

b)   In case of Institutions and Colleges: – Any Institution or College needs to affiliate with a Government University and has to be duly approved by the state and central government.

In addition to above, there are programs which require approvals from certain Government agencies:-

  • For Engineering AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education)
  • For Dental Courses, Dental Council of India
  • For Pharmacy, Pharmacy Council of India
  • For Law, Bar Council of India
  • For B.Ed. NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education)  
  • For Architecture, Council for Architecture (CoA) is mandatory.

Next-Generation/ New Age Programs

Technology is changing fast in the corporate world, hence it is desirable to undergo education at the University or Institution which is offering programs in emerging areas. Check the Industry involvement with the universities or institutions that you want to consider for your admission in terms of Industry Collaborative Programs, the involvement of industry experts in designing the course curriculum, subjects offered in emerging areas that the industry is looking for and certifications offered by Industry. 

Value Addition

Today earning a degree is not enough for a successful career. It is important to have a value addition that will add weight to your profile while appearing for job interviews. Go for a University or Institution which has been rated highly by regulatory bodies and inculcates value addition through Industry Certification, Global Certifications, Workshops & Internships, and Opportunity to carry out Research. 

Career Opportunities

Choose a University or Institution which offers multiple career options to you. When we say career options, it means an option to choose from Campus Placements, Entrepreneurship, Higher Studies, and Preparation for Government Jobs like Civil Services, International Avenues, and Research. Gone are the days when every student used to have only one career option which was jobs.

Campus Placements

Although Campus Placements is not the only option yet it is considered to be the most important aspect while choosing a University or Institution for pursuing professional education. It is also important to check the training & preparation offered to you by the institution to crack campus interviews. While scrutinizing the placement record of the University/Institution, emphasize your search on finding a consistent record for the last three to four years, at least. 

Furthermore, look for names of top multinationals in your field and also check the salary packages that the companies are offering to the fresh talent. The institute’s consistency of MNCs visiting the campus for placements show the academic strength and its acceptance by the corporate world. 


Return-on-Investment in Education is calculated by comparing the amount of fee that you pay as a student to the University or Institution to undergo degree and salary package that you were offered by the company during campus placements. As the fees are annually paid to the institution or university and the package is also offered on annual basis (LPA), both can be compared to calculate the Return of Investment.   

Campus Life

Undergoing education is just one aspect but it is the quality of campus life that differentiates between an average and good institution. Choose a university or institution which offers 360-degree development of your personality. Check out for Sports facilities, Cultural & Literary Facilities, technical & cultural clubs, soft skills training, and others that can enhance your personality.